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We Believe Dance Changes Lives

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Have a studio? Host our choreographers for a workshop. Proceeds of the workshops fund Childhood Cancer research and help the families fighting through it.

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Join us at the 3rd Annual Movement Project on February 3, 2018 at the Wildish Theater in Springfield, Oregon. Watch many amazing dancers and help fight childhood cancer.

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Our goal is give 100% of the show's proceeds to research and support for those going through childhood cancer treatment.
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Our Story

The Lion Fights

Inspired by the fight of one little boy, the Movement Project uses dance to support and fight with those going through the unwanted detours of childhood cancer.
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The Hard Facts About AT/RT

  • AT/RT's are part of a larger group of malignant tumors called rhabdoid tumors, which can occur outside of the brain in the kidneys, liver or other locations.
  • Unfortunately, for children under three, that rate falls to 10%. Because most children diagnosed with AT/RT are under three, the overall survival rate has historically been very low.
  • There currently is no known cure for AT/RT. However, there have been dramatic improvements in treatments recently and there is increased optimism that these new treatments will soon lead to significantly higher survival rates.